Distinguished Paper Award

Distinguished Paper Award


Investing in IT Security: Managerial Insights on Resource Allocations

Yueran Zhou | Mississippi State University
Senay Solak | University of Massachusetts Amherst
Yi Zou | University of Massachusetts Amherst


Establishing a Workload Productivity Target in an Outpatient Infusion Pharmacy

Kimberly Haverstick | University of Central Arkansas
Mark McMurtrey | University of Central Arkansas


Does the Factor Model Perform Well in Emerging Market? –the Empirical Evidence of China Stock Market

M. Kabir Hassan | University of New Orleans
Selma Izadi | Loyola University
Yichi Zhang |University of New Orleans


The Influential Factors of Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Transfer for Expatriates

Li-Yueh Lee | Kun Shan University
Phuoc Thien Nguyen | Nanhua University


Avoiding Double Whammy in Case of Service Failure

Ahasan Harun | University of North Texas


Corporate Lobbying and Labor Relations Evidence From Employee Level Litigations

Omer Unsal | University of New Orleans
M. Kabir Hassan | University of New Orleans
Duygu Zirek | University of New Orleans


Managing Expatriate Adjustment through Meta-Analysis: An Integration of Expatriate-related, Family-related, and Social Capital Perspective

Li-Yueh Lee | Kun Shan University
Alfiyatul Qomariyah | Chinese Culture University


MNC Strategies and Corporate Social Responsibility in China

Jifu Wang | University of Houston, Victoria
Vipin Gupta | California State University, San Bernadino
Ron Salazar | University of Houston, Victoria
Xiuli Wang | Central University of Finance and Economics


Using Hybrid Lexical Profiles to Find and Name Entities

Daniel McDonald | Utah State University
Hsinchun Chen | University of Arizona
Olivia R. Liu Sheng | University of Utah Global Knowledge Management Center


Consumers’ Perceived Privacy, Security and Trust in E-Commerce: How they Impact the Consumers’ Willingness to Transact Online

Ahmad AbuJaber | Qatar University
Rami Zeitun | Qatar University


The Impact of Culture, Gender, and Age on Employee Perceptions of Individual and Organizational Commitment to the Green Movement

Lillian Y. Fok | University of New Orleans
Susan M. L. Zee | Southeastern Louisiana University
Daisy Fok | University of Southern California
Sandra J. Hartman | University of New Orleans


Mergers of Closed-End Funds: An Analysis of Discount and Expense Ratio Reduction

Sinan Yildirim | Texas Wesleyan University


Conditional Heteroscedasticity in Time Series Of Stock Returns: A Revisit

Sinan Yildirim | Texas Wesleyan University


Validating Determinants of Information Systems Development Maturity Model

Brian Salmans | University of North Texas
Leon Kappelman | University of North Texas
Robert Pavur | University of North Texas


Influence of Attitude, Anxiety and Self-efficacy Toward Statistics and Technology on Statistical Package Software Usage Behavior

Maxwell K. Hsu | University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Shephen W. Wang | National Taiwan Ocean University
Kevin Kuan-Shun Chiu | Lunghwa University of Science & Technology


Performance Implication of Cooperative Norms

Shaohan Cai | Lakehead University
Zhilin Yang | City University of Hong Kong


Comparative Performance of ARIMA and ARCH/GARCH Models on Time Series of Monthly Equity Prices for Large Companies

John Sparks | University of Illinois at Chicago
Yuliya Yurova | University of Illinois at Chicago


Gender-Specific Websites: How Do Female Visitors Respond?

Eugenia Huang | National Chengchi University-Taiwan
Cheng-Wei Huang | National Chengchi University-Taiwan


Factors Affecting Company Decisions to Adopt, Not Adopt, Switch or Exit the E-marketplace

Chian-Son Yu | Shih Chien University


Optimal Intervention Policy: An Asymmetric Pattern

Melody Lo | University of Southern Mississippi


An Application of Neural Networks to Insurance Underwriting

Fred I. Kitchens | Ball State University
Queen Ester Booker | University of Arizona
Carl M. Rebman Jr. | University of San Diego


An Economic Design of Multiattribute Control Charts

Joel K. Jolayemi | University of Witwatersrand
Festus O. Olorunniwo | Tennessee State University


Examining the Classificatory Performance of Modular and Radial Basis Neural Networks with Traditional Classification Methods

David Mitchell | University of Houston–Downtown
Robert J. Pavur | University of North Texas


A Classification of Requirement Analysis Techniques on the Basis of Human Cognition

I-Lin Huang | Texas Tech University
James R. Burns | Texas Tech University


Manufacturing Plant Structural Dimensions and Strategic Groupings

Robert J. Vokurka | Texas A&M University
Robert A. Davis | Texas A&M University


Development of a Quality Survey: A Case Study at Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems

Gale A. Baker | University of North Texas
Victor R. Prybutok | University of North Texas
Jon Cohen | Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
Larry Beck | Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
Robert L. Getty | Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
Richard A. Huff | University of North Texas
Leon Kappelman | University of North Texas


Organizational Commitment and Paid Members of Volunteer Organizations: An Empirical Investigation

Donald Baack | Pittsburg State University
Kenneth Clow | Pittsburg State University


Task Training in Computer-Supported Collaboration

Edward T. Chen | Southeastern Louisiana University
Hsin-Ginn Hwang | Northeast Louisiana University
P. Pete Chong | Gonzaga University


Understanding Data Models: An Empirical Analysis of Object-Oriented and Entity-Relationship Modeling

Bill C. Hardgrave | University of Arkansas
Nikunj P. Dalal | Oklahoma State University


Behavioral Indicators of Customer Satisfaction with Information Technology Products and Services

Robert L. Heckman | Syracuse University
Audrey Guskey-Federouch | Duquesne University


An Investigation of the Roles Played by Knowledge Engineers During Knowledge Acquisition

Peter P. Mykytyn | Jr., University of Texas, Arlington
Kathleen Mykytyn | University of Texas, Arlington


Comments on LAV Regression Estimators: The Good and the Bad

Louis W. Glorfeld | University of Arkansas
Thomas W. Jones | University of Arkansas


Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process to Determine Optimal Markups in Competitive Bidding Situations Considering Multiple Criteria

John Seydel | Texas A&M University
David L. Olson | Texas A&M University


A Measure of End-User Computing Success and Its Relationship with End-User Training

Ravinder Nath | Memphis State University


Trending: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of State Asset Valuation Models

Paul Wertheim | Abilene Christian University


Chi-square and F Approximations for Multivariate Tests Using Rank Scores

Robert Pavur | North Texas State University
Ravinder Nath | Memphis State University


A Variable Selection Criterion in the Linear Programming Approaches to Discriminant Analysis

Ravinder Nath | Memphis State University
Jerry Chin | Memphis State University


Moderating Effects of Self-Monitoring on the Fishbein Behavioral Intention Model: A Path Analytic Approach

Uday S. Tate | University of Southwestern Louisiana
Lynn J. Loudenback | Iowa State University
James H. Underwood | University of Southwestern Louisiana


Public Employee Perceived Work Environment: An Interpretation of Dimensionality

Thomas W. Jones | University of Arkansas
Timothy P. Cronan | University of Arkansas
Farzad Moussaui | University of Arkansas
Paul L. Shaffer | University of Tennessee at Martin