Distinguished Paper Award

The SWDSI Outstanding Educator Award is presented by the Federation of Business Disciplines on behalf of the region.

SWDSI selects and recognizes an educator who has made an outstanding contribution to the Decision Sciences discipline.

YearAuthor and AffiliationTitle
1984Thomas W. Jones, University of Arkansas
Timothy P. Cronan, University of Arkansas
Farzad Moussaui, University of Arkansas
Paul L. Shaffer, University of Tennessee at Martin
Public Employee Perceived Work Environment: An Interpretation of Dimensionality
1985Uday S. Tate, University of Southwestern Louisiana
Lynn J. Loudenback, Iowa State University
James H. Underwood, University of Southwestern Louisiana
Moderating Effects of Self-Monitoring on the Fishbein Behavioral Intention Model: A Path Analytic Approach
1986Ravinder Nath, Memphis State University
Jerry Chin, Memphis State University
A Variable Selection Criterion in the Linear Programming Approaches to Discriminant Analysis
1987Robert Pavur, North Texas State University
Ravinder Nath, Memphis State University
Chi-square and F Approximations for Multivariate Tests Using Rank Scores
1988Paul Wertheim, Abilene Christian UniversityTrending: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of State Asset Valuation Models
1989Ravinder Nath, Memphis State UniversityA Measure of End-User Computing Success and Its Relationship with End-User Training
1990John Seydel, Texas A&M University
David L. Olson, Texas A&M University
Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process to Determine Optimal Markups in Competitive Bidding Situations Considering Multiple Criteria
1991Louis W. Glorfeld, University of Arkansas
Thomas W. Jones, University of Arkansas
Comments on LAV Regression Estimators: The Good and the Bad
1992Peter P. Mykytyn, Jr., University of Texas, Arlington
Kathleen Mykytyn, University of Texas, Arlington
An Investigation of the Roles Played by Knowledge Engineers During Knowledge Acquisition
1993Robert L. Heckman, Syracuse University
Audrey Guskey-Federouch, Duquesne University
Behavioral Indicators of Customer Satisfaction with Information Technology Products and Services
1994Bill C. Hardgrave, University of Arkansas
Nikunj P. Dalal, Oklahoma State University
Understanding Data Models: An Empirical Analysis of Object-Oriented and Entity-Relationship Modeling
1995Edward T. Chen, Southeastern Louisiana University
Hsin-Ginn Hwang, Northeast Louisiana University
P. Pete Chong, Gonzaga University
Task Training in Computer-Supported Collaboration
1996Donald Baack, Pittsburg State University
Kenneth Clow, Pittsburg State University
Organizational Commitment and Paid Members of Volunteer Organizations: An Empirical Investigation
1997Gale A. Baker, University of North Texas
Victor R. Prybutok, University of North Texas
Jon Cohen, Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
Larry Beck, Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
Robert L. Getty, Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
Richard A. Huff, University of North Texas
Leon Kappelman, University of North Texas
Development of a Quality Survey: A Case Study at Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
1998Robert J. Vokurka, Texas A&M University
Robert A. Davis, Texas A&M University
Manufacturing Plant Structural Dimensions and Strategic Groupings
1999I-Lin Huang, Texas Tech University
James R. Burns, Texas Tech University
A Classification of Requirement Analysis Techniques on the Basis of Human Cognition
2000David Mitchell, University of Houston–Downtown
Robert J. Pavur, University of North Texas
Examining the Classificatory Performance of Modular and Radial Basis Neural Networks with Traditional Classification Methods
2001Joel K. Jolayemi, University of Witwatersrand
Festus O. Olorunniwo, Tennessee State University
An Economic Design of Multiattribute Control Charts
2002Fred I. Kitchens, Ball State University
Queen Ester Booker, University of Arizona
Carl M. Rebman Jr., University of San Diego
An Application of Neural Networks to Insurance Underwriting
2003Melody Lo, University of Southern MississippiOptimal Intervention Policy: An Asymmetric Pattern
2004Chian-Son Yu, Shih Chien UniversityFactors Affecting Company Decisions to Adopt, Not Adopt, Switch or Exit the E-marketplace
2005Eugenia Huang, National Chengchi University-Taiwan
Cheng-Wei Huang, National Chengchi University-Taiwan
Gender-Specific Websites: How Do Female Visitors Respond?
2006John Sparks, University of Illinois at Chicago
Yuliya Yurova, University of Illinois at Chicago
Comparative Performance of ARIMA and ARCH/GARCH Models on Time Series of Monthly Equity Prices for Large Companies
2007Shaohan Cai, Lakehead University
Zhilin Yang, City University of Hong Kong
Performance Implication of Cooperative Norms
2008Maxwell K. Hsu, University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
Shephen W. Wang, National Taiwan Ocean University
Kevin Kuan-Shun Chiu, Lunghwa University of Science & Technology
Influence of Attitude, Anxiety and Self-efficacy Toward Statistics and Technology on Statistical Package Software Usage Behavior
2009Brian Salmans, University of North Texas
Leon Kappelman, University of North Texas
Robert Pavur, University of North Texas
Validating Determinants of Information Systems Development Maturity Model
2010Sinan Yildirim, Texas Wesleyan UniversityConditional Heteroscedasticity in Time Series Of Stock Returns: A Revisit
2011Sinan Yildirim, Texas Wesleyan UniversityMergers of Closed-End Funds: An Analysis of Discount and Expense Ratio Reduction
2012Lillian Y. Fok, University of New Orleans
Susan M. L. Zee, Southeastern Louisiana University
Daisy Fok, University of Southern California
Sandra J. Hartman, University of New Orleans
The Impact of Culture, Gender, and Age on Employee Perceptions of Individual and Organizational Commitment to the Green Movement
2013Ahmad AbuJaber, Qatar University
Rami Zeitun, Qatar University
Consumers’ Perceived Privacy, Security and Trust in E-Commerce: How they Impact the Consumers’ Willingness to Transact Online
2014Daniel McDonald, Utah State University
Hsinchun Chen, University of Arizona
Olivia R. Liu Sheng, University of Utah Global Knowledge Management Center
Using Hybrid Lexical Profiles to Find and Name Entities
2015Jifu Wang, University of Houston, Victoria
Vipin Gupta, California State University, San Bernadino
Ron Salazar, University of Houston, Victoria
Xiuli Wang, Central University of Finance and Economics
MNC Strategies and Corporate Social Responsibility in China
2016Li-Yueh Lee, Kun Shan University
Alfiyatul Qomariyah, Chinese Culture University
Managing Expatriate Adjustment through Meta-Analysis: An Integration of Expatriate-related, Family-related, and Social Capital Perspective
2017Omer Unsal, University of New Orleans
M. Kabir Hassan, University of New Orleans
Duygu Zirek, University of New Orleans
Corporate Lobbying and Labor Relations Evidence From Employee Level Litigations
2018Ahasan Harun, University of North TexasAvoiding Double Whammy in Case of Service Failure
2019Li-Yueh Lee, Kun Shan University
Phuoc Thien Nguyen, Nanhua University
The Influential Factors of Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Transfer for Expatriates
2020M. Kabir Hassan, University of New Orleans
Selma Izadi, Loyola University
Yichi Zhang, University of New Orleans
Does the Factor Model Perform Well in Emerging Market? –the Empirical Evidence of China Stock Market